Meet Robson: Your Robotic AI Companion

August 31, 2018

Robson the Robot

Looking at Robson here, you’d be right in your reaction (aww - am I right?). Robson however, might instigate even more of an empathic reaction than most other robots...due to his newly integrated ‘artificial intelligence.’ Robson’s new familiar personality means that he’s the perfect fit as a trusty steed onboard Starship Argotian.

Let’s dig a little deeper into his character mechanics:

Who is he?

First and foremost, Robson is your personal assistant as you move about the open-world of Argotian - the starship with a language gameplay and conversation focus.

Why is he unique?

Robson is a robot powered by AI in a VR environment. This means that he is able to intelligently respond to you in real-time, whilst you are in the Argotian VR experience. Unlike any other 3D robot, Robson is able to go beyond set game parameters of a closed-world, and engage with you in spontaneous gameplay and conversation practice. In addition, he can also retrieve objects, interact with the environment, and open doors for you.

Where will I find him?

Being the loyal robot, you will find him right by your side as you enter gameplay. He’s also partial to helping you out during tricky moments of your language learning, so don’t be afraid to ask him for advice.

Check out the video below of Robson in development on our Argotian Facebook page. He’s still learning to stop being too literal, and embrace his figurative side. Just wait till he discovers sarcasm!