The Future of XR - Event Round Up

August 22, 2018

Rita Turkowski of Oculus and Oculus Start Members at 'The Future of XR' Siggraph 2018 Event

Wow, what a week!

Once again, Vancouver’s growing VR ecosystem never ceases to amaze us. With an abundance of industry leaders, game developers and VFX artists in town for Siggraph 2018, we thought it would be the perfect time to bring everyone together at Virtro HQ for an ‘industry’ meets ‘community’ mixer. 

The Future of XR saw a stellar turnout, with industry leaders Oculus, Intel, Facebook, Unity and Huawei in attendance, plus great support from Vancouver’s very own VR group and indie gaming community. Our event provided an intimate space for indie gamers and local Oculus Start members to demo their newest projects, test their game concepts and receive constructive feedback from an engaged audience.


XR CEO panel

The CEO Panel


After a healthy time of playtesting and meet and greets, the night kicked off with our CEO panel. With such a diverse panel of full of industry experts, it was a great opportunity for all budding game developers and designers audience members to hear first hand what it’s like to work and create in the XR industry. A common theme ran through - the importance of feedback, market validation and XR community support.

Industry leaders, Carl D from Unity, David Nassau and Cindi Wiggin from Intel and Rita Turkowski from Oculus also took to the floor to announce their programs: The Student Ambassadorship Program, The Indie Dev Program and Oculus Start, respectively. These programs are an incredible resource for any indie dev and we implore you, or anyone who you think might be interested, to take advantage of such opportunities.

The XR Developer Panel


Our second panel of the evening was focused on XR development. Two of our company developers, Wan-Teen Yang and Noah Burkholder, graced the stage to discuss the VR projects that they are currently working on and the challenges of developing XR content. In addition, we were excited to have Ran Sieradzki, a fellow Oculus Start member, and Dan Miller, one of Unity’s XR evangelists to provide further insight into the industry.   

The evening went long into the night, and a special mention must go to David Nassau from Intel, who naturally became chief game tester throughout the evening! Thank you to everyone for coming and to all the developers and industry experts for taking the time to engage with the community. We have an incredible ecosystem here in Vancouver, and we’d love to run more of these events to help support its growth in any way that we can!

Photos of the evening are provided here by Roz McNulty

Here’s what some of you had to say about our event - courtesy of Story Tap